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Our team of writers has provided professional ghostwriting services to many famous authors . A decade-long experience and keen understanding of this field have helped us to get our clients satisfactory results. Your story can be fictional, nonfictional, biography , autobiography, informative, or any other genre. We are here to cater to your needs. Suppose you are an entrepreneur, a marketer, a developer, or a professional who needs to write an eBook related to your field under a timeline, or you want to share your experience and knowledge with others through a book. In that case, you can rely on us, and we will provide you with our expert ghostwriting services.

Why Best Book Writers Stand Out In The Field Of Ghost Writing?

Your choice of ghostwriting services can make or break your career. Ghostwriting, if done the right way, can boost the popularity of the author. A well-ghost-written eBook can help you connect with your audience better. Here are the perks of choosing low cost ghostwriting company

  • Timely Delivery: We ensure delivery of your order within the given timelines. This delivery time depends on some factors, like the length of the chapters.
  • No Plagiarism: Our creatives come up with 100% original ideas to write your book. You can trust us with the originality of your content.
  • Unlimited Revisions: Our chapter revisions help authors to check the content in small parts, the best part is there is no limit to the number of times.
  • Proactive Customer Support: Our customer support team assists you 24/7. With their knowledge, they can guide and update you about your project.

Recipe for Expert Ghostwriting Services

It takes a couple of steps to do the magic. Our affordable ghostwriting services are divided into a few stages/steps, which are there to ensure the quality of the book and the satisfaction of our clients.

Order Submission

The process starts when you place an order. When we receive your order, our team gets back to you with a proposal, and then after initial details of the project, we confirm your order.

Discussion And Questionnaire

This is the crucial part of any book writing: while discussing the project, you share details like the genre, tone, and format of the book. We try to understand the author’s requirements through a questionnaire. The client can also share a reference if they want a specific writing style or theme for the book.


When writing a book, it is very important for writers to do research on the topic. Usually, the assigned writer already has knowledge on the subject, but for your unique book, our team does research and information gathering that will be required for the project. Also, the team stays in touch with you to get the maximum understanding of the idea in your head.

Creating Outline

A clear outline before starting to write makes it easier for the writer and the author to understand the topics that will be covered in the book. When an outline is created, it is sent to the author, and after they approve, the actual writing process starts.

Ghost Writing

The writer writes the first chapter of the book, and our teams send it to the client for feedback. If the client has any suggestions or objections, we edit and proofread the content again. The chapter is sent to the client again, and once they are satisfied, we move on to the next chapter.

Editing And Proofreading

Before submitting chapters, we make sure to proofread the written content, and if the client wants to make changes, we edit the chapter . Once the book is done, final edits are made. Your book goes through so many rounds of editing that it is free of error and ready to go to the next stage.


After completing the book, it's time to design a relatable aesthetic cover. Our team of designers will make a suitable cover for your book that goes with the book's theme. The cover is sent to the client, and if they approve, the book is then ready.


The book is now ready to be read by many people. If you want us to handle all the publishing work, we will make sure to get your book published by one of the best.


Let's meet our geeks who focus on your core details to deliver exquisite quality.

Emily Day Sr. Book Editor

Mae HollandFormatting & Editing Specialist

Christian MurraySr. Publishing & Marketing Manager

Forrest MorganSr. Concept Artist

Misty QuinnCreative Director

Best Quality or Most Affordable GhostWriting Services; You Dont Have to Choose Now

Here at Best Book Writers, we don't just write your content and submit the draft but ensure that the work is properly done and the customer is satisfied. The draft goes through multiple stages to become the final copy, making it of the best quality, but good quality doesn't always mean expensive.

Have a look to our Portfolio

At Best Book writers, we take pride in our portfolio, which showcases our expertise in various industries and niches. We have had the chance to work with diverse clients, from small startups to large corporations, and deliver exceptional results tailored to their needs.

We’ve Got the Numbers Rolling

We take pride in our proven history of achieving outstanding client outcomes. Our results are evident, and we continuously aim to enhance our performance, surpassing expectations.


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The feedback from our clients serves as motivation for us to exceed their expectations.
Mark Peter
Fantastic coordination!

Recognizing that I'm not the most skilled writer, I sought various online editing services. While some quotes were steep, I chose Best Book Writers. My editor, Warner, was incredibly helpful, working closely with me to structure different chapters. Many thanks to the team at Best Book Writers; you're truly excellent.

Exceptional service and precise delivery

Upon finishing my book, I came to understand the challenges of book writing, even for those skilled in the craft. Handling technical details and formatting proved to be quite challenging for me. I reached out to Best Book Writers editing services, and within just 72 hours, they delivered my work after several revisions.

Fantastic work!

Seeking a stylish yet straightforward book cover design to captivate more readers, I attempted to create one using free applications, only to end up with a mess of a cover, haha. Fortunately, I chose to work with the team at Best Book Writers, who proved to be not only friendly but also highly professional in their approach.

Appreciation for the marketing team

Thank you so much! Your efforts have truly made a significant impact on my project. I'm delighted to have hired your team as my marketing strategists. Special recognition goes out to Beckham; he certainly deserves additional compensation for his exceptional contributions.

Research experts

Given the complexity of my book's topic and the groundbreaking medicinal research involved, I faced numerous rejections. However, David demonstrated exceptional professionalism, and Best Book Writers proved to be a truly professional book writing brand. Many thanks, everyone!

Professional publishing process

Despite completing the writing, book cover design, and some marketing efforts, I remained concerned about finding a reputable publisher for my book. Best Book Writers provided invaluable assistance in this aspect, demonstrating their professionalism.

Book completed on schedule

Alex proved to be a professional and exceptionally transparent in ensuring the book was delivered within the agreed 15-day timeframe. My husband and I decided to outsource this task, and we're pleased that this team assisted us with professionalism.

Completely satisfied

After giving the writers at Best Book Writers a basic outline, they delivered an outstanding draft. Their editing and quality assurance departments were highly proficient. I've come to see that investing in their services was truly worthwhile.

Harry Brook
Effortless and enjoyable experience

While the book writing process may seem daunting, it was both enjoyable and impeccably professional. I appreciated the level of engagement you maintain with your customers, and the convenience of being able to reach out whenever needed is a definite plus.

Exceptional work with zero errors!

Facing financial constraints and a tight budget, I was relieved when you offered an installment plan while my loan was still pending. I'm amazed that I was able to sign up for just $200. Once my loan is approved, I'm considering opting for an audiobook as well.

Your Pressing Questions? All Answered!

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions you might have about our ghostwriting service:

Our writers are well-versed in different genres, and we specialize in different categories. Our experts cover all genres, from fiction, non-fiction, self-help books, informative, and illustrative to children's books, novellas, etc. We have managed every genre, whether it's fiction or non-fiction.

Our support team is available 24/7, and they are always ready to answer your queries. Our support staff also offers consultation services if you need any help related to writing and book development.

You can have a manuscript, and this will allow us to prepare the scope according to your details. However, if you don't have a manuscript, then in this scenario, we provide questionnaires for every chapter. Similarly, you can talk to our representatives and give the details of your book on call.

We do offer a guarantee of our quality, and this is aligned with the details that you have provided. We offer a guarantee of our customer service and book content too.

The price varies from one book to another, and it is dependent on the number of pages. However, a book costs somewhere around $3000-$5000.

The deadline of the client varies based on their instructions. However, we usually take 8 to 12 weeks to complete a book for our customers.

Generally, refunds usually don't happen in most scenarios, but if you are not satisfied with the services, then you can ask for a refund under certain conditions that are stated in our terms of the agreement.

The content provided by us is your property, and you have all the autonomy and rights of that project.
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